Julian's musings

Welcome to Julian's musings!

I am currently the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of Lyzeum Ltd, working to find ways of diagnosing Coeliac Disease from histopathological slides. I am also a Visitor in the Cambridge Image Analysis group, where I previously explored problems in optical character recognition (OCR), working under the supervision of Prof. Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb. I have also contributed to the AIX-NET COVID-19 research team.

Prior to that, I spent some years developing mathematics A-level teaching resources for Underground Mathematics and then some statistics resources for NRICH.

I have also served as a Director of Studies in Mathematics at Jesus College for four years while working with Underground Mathematics and the OCR project.

I have also been involved in various university admission tests, working with Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing, which has proven to be very interesting.

I taught in secondary schools for about ten years, and I also teach undergraduates at Cambridge.

You can drop me a line at julian-blog@d-and-j.net if you want!

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